SCENAR Treatment

SCENAR Treatment

SCENAR is a hand-held electrical device which, through contact with the skin, stimulates the body to activate its own self-healing processes.SCENAR treatment is a non-invasive treatment for pain and dysfunction.

SCENAR is an acronym for Self Controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulator.

The SCENAR’s signals stimulate the patient’s self regulating and auto-immune healing mechanisms. The body can get accustomed to a stable pathological state, which may have been cause by injury, or disease. The SCENAR acts as a catalyst to produce regulatory peptides by stimulation of C-fibres for the body to use where necessary. It is these neuro peptides that in turn re-establish the body’s natural physiological state and are responsible for the healing process.

SCENAR may have a profound effect on both chronic and acute conditions by stimulating the body’s physiological systems to effect pain and restore function.

The SCENAR device generates electrical signals through the skin, which are similar in characteristics to the body’s own neurological impulses. These impulses are within the normal parameters of the body so they are not regarded as invasive. This means that there are almost no side-effects of SCENAR therapy.

SCENAR can be used as an independent modality as well as combined with other treatment modalities, such as Chiropractic.

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