Depending on your presenting complaint, techniques incorporated include:

  • deep tissue remedial
  • myofascial release
  • trigger point work
  • Swedish relaxation
Initially you will be taken through a full body assessment so that you can be given the most appropriate and effective treatment. That paired with an exercise and stretch program, will give you the tools to better manage your condition.

Massage has been around for many hundred’s of years and more recently, research has validated the positive effects of
massage therapy.

These positive effects are things such as:

  • releasing tight muscles that can refer everyday pain,
  • help with postural issues that can be caused from lifestyle choices i.e. work place body loading, hobbies, sporting activities and the likes.
  • increase mental alertness resulting in improved accuracy
  • decrease stress-induced illnesses.
  • help clients with surgery rehabilitation,
  • improve postural issues/injury,
  • improving chronic pain,
  • help performance of sporting teams,
  • improve pregnancy pains,
  • and just generally giving an hour of relaxation.


From the process of scheduling to the final moments on the table, the entire experience is easy & relaxed.

Initial Consultation

(75 minutes)

Standard Remedial Massage

(60 minutes)

Standard Remedial 1.5 Hours Massage


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