Picture this. A couple live in a nice house. They don’t take care of it though. They allow the dirty dishes to build up in the sink, they leave scraps of food, empty pizza boxes and other packages lying around, they don’t take out the garbage, and don’t clean or vacuum. When they notice a smell, they spray toxic air freshener around in an attempt to cover it.

A rat then comes along and finds a nice home amongst the filth with plenty for him to eat. He invites his family to join him. The couple notice the rats and leave out poison baits. The rats eat the baits and die. Their corpses start to rot. Flies come along and lay their larvae on the rats. The maggots grow and start to extend around the house. The couple notice and spray fly spray and other pesticides onto the maggots and the rat.

What is the problem with this picture?

Hopefully you’re saying, “Well if they cleaned the house and got rid of the rats then they wouldn’t have the problem. The rats might come along but not find a nice place to live and feed so they move on.”

So why do we not do this for our bodies?

When we get an illness, we take a drug to get rid of the symptom, or another drug which is supposed to kill the invader. How about we spend some time cleaning house? Good food, exercise, and rest are just a start of what we should be doing.

Do you agree? Or is it just me?