“Lost the Plot!” All 50+ year olds without any known risk of cardiovascular disease to be medicated.

If I recommended that you take something that causes muscle aches and cramps, stomach upsets, liver damage, headaches, memory loss and fatigue on the suggestion that it might lower your risk of cardiovascular disease, even though you don’t have any known risk, how keen would you be to take it.s

Well, that is what has been recommended – that all people over 50 years old take statins regardless of their risk for heart disease. And statins (like lipitor) are known to cause all the above listed side-effects.

At first glance of the statistics produced by the research, it could be argued that it may be a valid idea. The study shows that for every 1mmol/L reduction in cholesterol there is a 21% reduction in risk of heart disease and stroke.

However, further examination of the stats shows that 1000 people at low risk would need to take the drug for 5 years for 11 of them to benefit.

Doesn’t really add up, does it?

As Dr Wood on the Today Show said, “The drug companies have lost the plot!” He recommends re-educating people around appropriate life-style choices would be much more worthwhile.

No Money in that though.