As many of you know, I studied the Primary Modules in NEM (Nutritional & Environmental Medicine) through ACNEM last year and successfully passed the exams last month. You are probably aware that my interest in helping you with your health journey goes beyond just adjusting sore backs. As a result of all this, I will be giving various insights and recommendations that may be of interest to you as you navigate the minefield of information to achieve better energy, vitality and health.

The first tid-bit is about the importance of magnesium. Did you know your life depends on this mineral as approximately 70% of all your body’s chemical reactions rely on it? Many of us are magnesium deficient because either we don’t have a good balanced diet or, even if we do, our food is deficient in it because of our modern production practices.

A sign of magnesium deficiency most people know is muscle cramping. But if you get headaches, are feeling rundown, have trouble getting a good night’s sleep, or feel stiff and sore, and don’t recover from exercise like you think you should, you may be magnesium deficient.

Food sources include spinach, broccoli, almonds and dark chocolate to name a few. Supplements may also be taken, but be aware, not all magnesium supplements are equal. Magnesium threonate, glycinate, taurate, citrate, orotate or ascorbate are all considered good ones for bioavailability and absorbability.

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