Lots of people come to Brookvale Chiropractic with the hope that we can help them with their dizziness or blurry vision, but don’t actually understand the connection.

Did you know that neck problems can create blurry vision and dizziness?

Recently I worked, successfully, on a man who came in complaining of these things after a bad fall on his face when skiing eight weeks ago.

The reason that neck dysfunction can be the cause of these systems is that the neck is a highly sensory organ, linking positional information from the head and eyes and the body.  In fact the health of the neck is vital for overall balance and stability.

So, injury to the neck can cause faulty reporting and disruption to normal reflexes involving neck and eye movement.  Hence the dizziness and blurry vision.

This is commonly seen in whiplash type injuries.

So now that you know this, suggest to anyone you know suffering from dizziness or blurry vision to get checked out at Brookvale Chiropractic.