Might seem like an odd question, but we do get asked this quite frequently at Brookvale Chiropractic.

And, the answer is quite simple.  Yes, it is addictive.  Not in the way that you become reliant on your visits to Brookvale Chiropractic in order to get through your day or week, but in the way that you become aware of a higher level of physical function that you may only experience through regular Chiropractic check-ups.

Most people initially attend Brookvale Chiropractic in order to alleviate some complaint, for example neck or back pain.

During the course of the visits however, we explain that, our ultimate goal is keeping the nervous system free from interference so that the body is able to function to its best ability.

This may mean increased energy levels, better resistance to diseases like colds and flu, improved ability to deal with stress.  So people choose to continue their visits to Brookvale Chiropractic as a life-style choice or part of their overall approach to healthy living.